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In the wild spaces of our earth

We stand together, trees

Of a tropical jungle.


In the hoary thicket of our heads

Eagles feed their young

With live meat, raw blood.


On the branches of our limbs

Bugs, ants, spiders, chameleons

Feed warmly on each other.


Against our sturdy trunks

Birds knock and carve holds

Right into our hearts


For shelter. And down at the base

Where our feet walk underground,

We make friends with worms.



We also sense the changes of weather,

Reading clouds that roll and thunder,

Whiplash of monsoon rain.


As we stand together in this

Last wilderness, we gape in awe

When lightning cracks the sky.


We fear the sound and smell

When one of us is struck

Soul-seared and burning.


Acquainted With Lightning

by Marjorie Evasco

Acquainted With Lightning

by Phyllis Zaballero

(after Aquainted With Lightning by Marjorie Evasco)



Acrylic on Canvas

72 inches x 48 inches


Not for sale

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