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The Bells of San Giacomo

by Bro. Hans Mapayo

(after The Bells of San Giacomo by Marjorie Evasco)



Oil on Glass

36 inches x 60 inches




This painting by Bro. Hans Mapayo now belongs to Mary Ann Josette E. Pernia, daughter of Marjorie Evasco.


The poem is inscribed in the lower right hand side of the painting.

The Bells of San Giacomo

by Marjorie Evasco

(for Mary Ann)


This afternoon when the bells

Of San Giacomo call the faithful in,


Each note ripples across the lake

And the hills of Bellagio light up


With sounds familiar to the resonance

Of tile, marble, and earth growing


Long-eared irises. I wear red for you today

In San Giacomo, to offer blessings


Of a mother embracing your absence,

Even as she gathers these Easter roses,


Or lights one votive candle at vespers.

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