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Four  | Curator's Notes

GaleriaPaloma.Com is pleased to present Four,

subtitled "Body Vs Soul."


It is the fourth exhibition and issue of Galeria Paloma, and it explores the body-soul connection/detachment that great thinkers philosophize about, religions base convictions on, skeptics have questioned, and the faithful have gathered hope eternal from.


In this series, Gino Tioseco utilized breezy stokes and undefined lines to draw four nudes, a depiction of physicality that is disarmingly ethereal in its execution.  It is Tioseco's soulful expression that Rebecca T. Anonuevo draws from for her poem "Ano Ang Nangyayari Sa Kaluluwa?" ("What Happens to the Soul?"),  a deep inquisition into the theories of the soul and its connection to the soul--is the identity attached to the physical body?  Is it confined to it, nothing apart from it?  Whatever the answer, what are the ramifications?  Are we, like Plato philosophized, "persons" of soul, with a body but separate from a body that is a "real person's" prison, a physical object that is not bound to identity but merely a vessel?


Anonuevo, in her poem, beautifully and paradoxically illustrates her argument in these lines: "The soul breaks free because the body cannot/ Contain it, which as it happens now, is contained/ By the soul..."  The woman, in her passing, has now become more than her body, if her body was her in the first place; it is as if she never left--the soul, the weight of the heft of her presence in the connections, the relationships between those who gathered in her honor, in their memory, in their midst.


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