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Five | Curator's Notes

​​Galeria Paloma is pleased to present "Brief Histories,"

its fifth online exhibition featuring paintings

by Gino Tioseco and short fiction by Joni Cham.


On exhibit are thirteen paintings by Gino Tioseco rendered

in oil pastel, acrylic, and other media. Tioseco's expressionist

portraits range from the tenderly sanitised to grotesque,

and the expanse of his portrait styles shows itself in the

paintings exhibited in Brief Histories.  His use of color

composition, brushwork, and media give a depth

to each portrait's narrative, inviting the viewer's imagination

to wander, and yet, within a distinct impression of

each depicted "person's" (head)space and place in time.


Expounding on the paintings' meta-narratives are

short pieces of fiction* by New York-based Filipino writer

Joni Cham. Her first novel,"In My Mother's House,"

was a finalist for the National Book Award.

Cham prefaces her work as thus: "Drawing inspiration from

the old bard himself, the Life Performers Series works on the

premise that 'all the world’s a stage.' On one particular night the theater is populated with a variety of performers: singers,

dancers, musicians; but also of individuals in the

performances of their own lives: an art critic, a former lover,

a retired artist; each with their own 'exits and entrances.'"


This cast of characters are brought together by one dramatic

presentation at the theater, and yet the most interesting

stories yet are those not demonstrated onstage--stories

universally relatable but strikingly personal. The curated

collection becomes a play-within-a play (and should the viewer

choose their involvment, a play-within-a-play-within-a-play).


We at Galeria Paloma hope you enjoy delving into the romantic, mysterious, and nostalgic histories imagined

by each the painter and the author, and by them both,

gathered together as one cast of characters.


The paintings are available for acquisition. Please send us

an email at for any inquiries.

Be informed of every exhibition's live publishing

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*All ekphrastic work range from one to four sentences.



Gino Tioseco   |  Portrait 8

Joni Cham  |  Life Performers:  Ninth

Gino Tioseco   |  Portrait 10

Joni Cham  |  Life Performers:  Eleventh

Gino Tioseco   |  Portrait 11

Joni Cham  |  Life Performers:  Twelfth

Gino Tioseco   |  Portrait 12

Joni Cham  |  Life Performers:  Thirteenth

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