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Puppy Love

by Daily Dying

(After Puppy Love 1 & 2 by Janice Liuson-Young)

we call it puppy love

perhaps because we think it


less real

or too much

passion and a waste of one's time

and not worthy of the old

dogs lazily watching the passing cars

while swatting away

flies with their tails

and thinking of

puppy days



Puppy Love 1

Puppy Love 2

by Janice Liuson-Young




Graphite on Crane & Co. Cotton Rag Paper


8 1/2  inches x 6 3/8 inches



Janice Liuson-Young graduated cum laude in 1986 from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  Since then, she has had various solo exhibitions in Manila and abroad, and has participated in group exhibitions in numerous local exhibitions.


Her work has also been featured in exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Vargas Museum (Manila), The Gallery at the Chelsea Library (London), Jan van der Togt Museum (Amstelveen, The Netherlands), The Ernst and Young Gallery (Luxembourg), Le Meridien Hotel (Brussels), among others.


She is currently the chair of the School of Fine Arts of FEATI University in Manila.


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