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by Niño Hernandez

(after Is It the Kingfisher? by Marjorie Evasco)



Acrylic on Canvas

20 inches x 40 inches


Niño Hernandez (b.Sept.25,1977) is a graduate of the Philippine Women’s University with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with a major in painting. Niño is also an art teacher and a professional musician dividing his time as a guitarist, percussionist, and flutist, and also happens to be a bamboo flute maker. He has performed with famous local artists in the Philippines such as Grace Nono, Pinikpikan, Joey Ayala, Julianne, Cynthia Alexander and Kitchie Nadal. He is currently part of the band Loquy.

Niño Hernandez' pieces are abstractions and, in some cases, exact representations of the surfaces of everyday objects such as leaks on walls, cracks on concrete, or corrosion on metal. His process involves laying out large expanses of color and highly tactile textures which he uses to blur the lines that separate these fields of color. The act of applying textures between the color fields is reminiscent of both painter Mark Rothko, and Action Painting, a term invented by art critic, Harold Rosenberg, in which the canvas becomes " arena in which to act."

As a child, Niño Hernandez grew up learning from Filipino artist and good friend, Gus Albor. His work is also influenced by American and European Abstract Expressionism, particularly the "color fields" of Mark Rothko, and the Tachisme works of Antoni Tapies.

Is It the Kingfisher?

by Marjorie Evasco

This is how I desire god on this island

With you today: basic and blue

As the sea that softens our feet with salt

And brings the living wave to our mouths


Playing with sounds of a primary language.

“God is blue,” sang the poet Juan Ramon Jimenez,

drunk with desiring, his hair, eyebrows,

eyelashes turned blue as the kingfisher’s wings.


It is this bird that greets us as we come

Round the eastern bend of this island;

Tells us the hairbreadth boundary between us

Is transient in the air, permeable to the blue


Of tropic skies and mountain gentian.

Where we sit on this rock covered with seaweeds,

I suddenly feel the blueness embrace us,

This rock, this island, this changed air,


The distance between us and the Self

We have longed to be. A bolt of burning blue

Lights in my brain, gives the answer

We’ve pursued this whole day:


Seawaves sing it, the kingfisher flies in it,

This island is rooted in it. Desiring

God is transparent blue – the color

Which makes our souls visible.


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