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Inasahan mabuo sa labas ng tahanan,

hinanap pa minsan sa ibang bayan,

pero isang araw biglang dumating ang hindi inaasahan

mula sa loob ng apat na sulok ng tahanan.

Natanaw ang pagibig na inaabangan,

dito niya natutunan na wala sa lugar o panahon ang pagaantay,

kasi darating ang oras na kahit saan, kahit kalian:

pana ni kupido pag tumama sa iyo

sapul ka sa loob man ng bahay mo.






To fill a lack, one searched outside of one's house,

searched, even, in other towns,

but the unexpected happened one day

within the four corners of the home.

Finding the love waited for,

one learned that it isn't for a place or time one waits,

because it will happen wherever, whenever:

when Cupid's arrow takes its aim at you,

even inside your own home, it will find you. 





Maxbal gave pride to the country in 2009 when he won the Il Lorenzo Magnifico Award - Silver Medal in the Florence Biennale in Italy. His winning work, Avenida Manila, is a poignant and imaginative terrain of Manila’s red light district with all its derelict charm, gritty realism, and gentle humanity. For this feat, he was awarded an International Achiever  and outstanding alumni in University of the East.


Among the other feathers in his cap are 2009 ECCA Grand Prize in the Abstract Category and also the 2009 GSIS Art Competition’s grand prize in the Non-Representational Category.


In 2010, his work was among the Juror 's Choice Awards in Philip Morris Philippine Art Awards.  The same winning piece is now part of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ collection.  His works are also exhibited at various galleries and museums in Italy, London, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, among others.

Home Made Love

by Max Balatbat

(After Home Made Love by MaxBal)

Home Made Love 9

by MaxBal




Mixed Media on Crane & Co. Cotton Rag Paper


8 1/2  inches x 6 3/8 inches

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