List of participating artists


Sevi Agregado

Jopet Arias

Luis Buenaventura 

Isaiah Cacnio

AJ Dimarucot
Holy Blood

Raymond Lauchengco
Sheila Ledesma
Cris Magsino
Win Magsino

Wyn-Lyn Tan

Galeria Paloma is pleased to present 1/1,  a group show and the second of a series in Galeria Paloma’s programme highlighting crypto art and mounted in conjunction with the largest regional crypto art event, Crypto Art Week Asia, featuring premier crypto artists from the Philippines and Singapore.


“We are excited to feature an exceptional roster of artists for 1/1,” says gallery director Kimi Rocha-Delgado. “1/1 features some of the top and trailblazing crypto artists, some of whom have made crypto art history, and won international awards.

"Galeria Paloma is focused on bringing digital art to the forefront and presenting the work as viable art assets due to its inherent artistic merit. And with the blockchain infrastructure, there is now a solution to issues that arise in digital art ownership such as authenticity, proof of ownership, and artist royalties.”


The physical exhibition displays the works of crypto art in Samsung The Frame TV screens, one of the solutions Galeria Paloma presents to bridge digital art forms to traditional art practices: a means for proper display. "We are proud to partner with Galeria Paloma once again--this time to put a spotlight on notable Asian digital artists for Crypto Art Week Asia. This partnership enables us to bring to the fore how The Frame TV can display digital artwork the way they are meant to be seen and appreciated," says Mahir Al-Rubah, AV Product Marketing Head of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp. 

To commemorate this exhibition, a limited edition collaborative NFT will be produced by the artists of ‘1/1’ and distributed to members of its whitelist.


Luis Buenaventura



with an animated artwork that commemorates the recent Merge of the Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain holds sentimental value to Buenaventura’s crypto career, having been one of the artists

whose work is included in the first NFT art collection ever minted on the Ethereum blockchain, Curio Cards (2017), which also is the first lot in the history of Christies that sold in Ether (for a very impressive $1.2 million).


Graphic designer, crypto artist, art director, and illustrator AJ Dimarucot employs artificial intelligence (AI) in his work “Ang Huling Hapunan,” a tribute to reproductions of “The Last Supper” ubiquitous to Filipino homes but with a Filipino twist–transforming the image into an electric, expressionist artwork that morphs into a scene of families gathering at a fast food restaurant, which is much a part of Filipino family gatherings as are the iterations of the painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The allusion to fast food is also a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the capability of artificial intelligence “[to spit out] imagery in no time,” as the artist says.


Win Magsino’s collection, Ghosts of Luggard Road, is a spectacular trio of 1/1s that were almost never captured–the photographer planned to take views of Victoria Harbor, but was met instead by a thick fog covering the vista. Turning toward home, he realized that the trees along the path made even more captivating subjects. Win Magsino has won top awards at various international photography competitions, but one of his highest honors was the Ani ng Dangal honor from the NCCA (National Commission of Culture and the Arts) last year.


“Symphony of Stars,” the piece by Cris Magsino, another award-winning photographer whose work has been featured in National Geographic, is an animated image of the night sky gracefully moving over the turquoise crater lake of Kawa Ijen volcano. The photograph was awarded the Jury Top 5 selection and Honorable Mention at the 2020 International Photography Awards and Bronze at the 2020 Moscow International Foto Awards. 


Another noted photographer, the award-winning performing and visual artist Raymond Lauchengco, will also be displaying his landscape photography whose images are interspersed with the recording artist’s spoken word and narratives, as well as other images abstracted to hint on the surreal and the sublime.


Jopet Arias, a painter and another forerunner in the local crypto art scene and co-founder of CryptoartPh, joins the roster with original works on canvas with his signature style–traditional mediums intersected by digital technology–put to the fore with the use of augmented reality (AR).


Painter and sculptor Carlos will be exhibiting his paintings animated by motion designer Motioneer, Isaiah Cacnio, who will also be presenting his own original work; internationally noted ten-year-old NFT artist Sevi Agregado also joins the pack with works on canvas tokenized on the blockchain. Holy Blood, a self-taught graphic designer and artist, as well as collage artist Sheila Ledesma will also be exhibiting their crypto work. 


Galeria Paloma is also pleased to exhibit work by Wyn-Lyn Tan, a visual artist from Singapore who has also made an impact in the cryptoart scene with graceful, morphing landscapes since she launched her collection on the blockchain last year.


For more information, visit www.galeriapaloma.com.